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Ever get your neighbor’s mail because the postman couldn’t find their address? If you’re the king of your castle, why do you have undersized faded, and worn out numbers over your garage door? We at FusionCast love our homes and know that you love yours too, so why not, pop your curb appeal with a prestigious high impact FusionCast Address Sign.

Whether you are looking for a sign with:

  • Just your house numbers
  • Numbers and your street address
  • Your family name
  • Your favourite colour and animal

Your imagination is our limit on design.

Customize the exterior of your home with a custom sign that shows your true personality. Our in-house specialists can help you design your home sign from the ground up, or take your “napkin drawing” and turn it into the address sign of your dreams! Don’t forget to check your local by-law to ensure you are complying with the size and visibility requirements of your municipality.

Due to the lightweight nature of our product, you can choose to mount your new sign right on your home or on a hanging bracket and you can install it all yourself! No need to call over all your Uncles and Brothers to help you lift your brand new bronze cast sign into place.

Don’t worry about keeping up with the Jones’. With a FusionCast Address Sign on your home, you will be the envy of the neighborhood. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on enhancing the curb appeal of your home!

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