Bench Plaques

There are many reasons to have a dedication on a park bench but usually it's to keep alive the memory of a special person. A plaque can also recognize the efforts of a family or corporation that made a contribution to a park, building, monument or some other publicly enjoyed space.

To stand the test of time, an outdoor plaque should be durable and withstand all sorts of inclement weather from blistering heat to freezing winters. It should be made from metal and convey a certain prestige in keeping with the location and donor contribution. A bronze plaque would ideally fit the bill but they can be expensive and subject to theft for their recycled value. That's why FusionCast can offer a viable alternative. Our plaques are made by combining metal with high density urethane (HDU) in a Patented process that is getting a lot of attention in the sign making industry.

FusionCast signs are durable, impervious to stains, won't crack, scratch or warp, are not subject to mould and mildew making them ideally suited for public displays. They look and feel like a traditional bronze plaque but use much less metal. That not only makes them lighter — easier to ship and handle, but also less expensive. The process is also environmentally friendly with no airborne or physical pollutants being produced in the process. Up to 95% of the material we use to make a plaque is re-used in our technology.

Since each FusionCast is unique, ie not made from a template, your design options are endless. Size, shape, colour, inclusion of logo or even a three dimension image are all design considerations that can make your plaque as unique as the donor or person being recognized.

If you want to have a bench plaque or any other form of public dedication that strikes a balance between appearance, durability and cost, give FusionCast a call.

Bench Plaque Engraving

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