Bronze Casting

FusionCast has revolutionized products made of bronze by developing a Patented "cold casting" process. Bronze metal is combined with high density urethane (HDU) at the molecular level to create super strong plaques and signs that are indistinguishable in look and feel to their foundry metal counterparts. But FusionCast comes with several advantages:

  • • It's much lighter making it easier to transport and install. See Versatile
  • Design options are limitless and are not "shoehorned" into pre-existing moulds. See Artwork Preparation
  • It uses less metal resulting in cost savings. See Economical
  • The process is environmentally friendly with no toxic waste. See Eco-friendly

FusionCast has become an alternative to solid bronze plaques and can be used in any setting. The result is a durable sign that won't crack, warp, stain or chip in the most extreme weather conditions. Each sign comes with written warranties on craftsmanship and substrate making them ideal in a variety of applications:

  • Recognition plaques
  • Memorials
  • Heritage and Historical plaques
  • Address signs
  • Prestigious Awards
  • Church panels
  • Hall of Fame walls
  • Donor trees
  • Dedications
  • Low relief

If you are considering an initiative where the prestige of a bronze sign or plaque is called for but don't need the weight or the expense, contact FusionCast today.

Bronze Plaques

In the art world, bronze is best known as a metal used in statues and plaques. It communicates prestige, strength and timelessness not present in other metals. The discovery thousands of years ago, resulted in the Bronze Age — a time when bronze tools and implements made with this alloy replaced wood, stone and other weaker materials. Even though, iron and steel would eventually come to replace it, bronze is still used to this day for making beautiful objects of art and historical significance.

The process of making bronze by mixing copper and tin is undertaken in a foundry where the two alloys are melted together under great heat. Molten bronze can then be poured into a mould and shaped to any design. Once the mould is broken and the bronze allowed to cool, a perfect copy of the object is left behind. Additional polishing or burnishing, to remove any imperfections, is completed and the piece is ready for display.

The demand for bronze has made it a relatively expensive material especially given its weight. Anyone who has ever picked up even a small statue made from bronze will be astonished how heavy it is. As such, shipping, handling and installation of bronze works must be undertaken with great effort often accompanied by great expense.

The FusionCast alternative may not be ideally suited to ALL applications but in many cases where a strong durable plaque or sign is required, it can represent a lighter and less expensive solution. Let us show you the possibilities...

Custom Bronze Casting

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