Church Signs

FusionCast has revolutionized the manufacture signs and plaques in metal. Much of the work we do for churches, funeral homes, cemeteries and memorials is in bronze but we can also work in aluminum, copper and solid colours. Our Patented technology fuses metal with high density urethane at the molecular level. The result is a durable sign or plaque indistinguishable in look and feel from its traditional foundry made counterpart.

The advantages however are where we excel:

  • FusionCast signs and plaques are all unique with no need to adhere to existing moulds, templates or sizing restrictions
  • FusionCast signs and plaques use less metal and are therefore much lighter to ship, handle and mount
  • FusionCast signs and plaques are less expensive saving you money
  • FusionCast's technology is eco-friendly resulting in fewer airborne and physical pollutants

Best of all, our process is limitless in design possibilities. We can work to your specifications following existing design elements, features, logos, colours, etc. Or you can have our in-house art department help you create your unique piece. Once made, FusionCast signs and plaques can weather any setting inside or out and comes with long year warranties against cracking, scratches, warping, stains, etc.

Where can FusionCast technology help your organization? Consider:

  • Exterior signage
  • Heritage plaques noting your building's origins and history
  • Church panels, eg stations of the cross, ten commandments, etc
  • Wayfinding: washroom signs, rectories, parking, etc
  • Bas relief statues
  • Donor walls or donor trees
  • Niche / crypt plates, columbarium plaques, memorials

Our friendly customer service representatives are standing by to help answer your questions. So give FusionCast a call and let us help you with your next project.

Chruch Plaques

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