Commemorative Plaques

A commemorative plaque recognizes individual achievement. The person being memorialized can be someone who made history, championed social change or made significant contributions to a community. They can be civic leaders, sports celebrities, charity workers, writers, musicians, a family member, or just about anybody.

There are many ways to acknowledge the efforts of these individuals from statues, to a name on a building, to planting a tree or having an official ceremony. FusionCast can play a role in each of these examples by creating commemorative plaques. Our technology combines metal with high density urethane to create durable plaques and related products that can be used in public areas both indoors and out. Our plaques are virtually indistinguishable from their solid metal counterparts, forged in a foundry but at significant cost savings. Since we use less metal, our signs are not only less expensive but a lot lighter too. This means shipping, handling and mounting just became less of a headache.

But don't be fooled into thinking these are just some cheap imitations. FusionCast products come with long written warranties against breaking, chipping, staining, warping or getting mouldy even in the most extreme weather conditions — blistering heat to frigid cold. Our plaques can be found on heritage buildings, golf courses, address signs and many other locations where they are exposed to the elements. Given the public nature of a commemorative plaque, you want to know they can't be easily vandalized. FusionCast composite signs will also give would-be thieves a surprise if they try to "recycle" your sign for its scrap metal value.

A less expensive commemorative plaque leaves money in the budget to order duplicate signs for multiple locations or as a personal gift to the families of the individual being commemorated. How's that as an added benefit?

The true advantage of the FusionCast process is design flexibility. Basically, we can create anything you can imagine in terms of size, shape, metal (bronze, aluminum or copper), colour and texture. We can include logos, images and even the likeness of the individual being honoured. Not sure what to design? Then let our in-house art department come up with some ideas given our vast experience creating memorials, achievement plaques, heritage signs, etc. The end result is a prestigious metal plaque that will keep a special memory alive for years to come.

Contact FusionCast today and see how our technology can be a part of your commemorative efforts.

Commemorative Plaques

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