A SIGN of the (lasting) times...

Whether it's a house address, historical plaque, golf tee marker or one of the other hundreds of metal sign applications, the number one concern is durability. There's little point in ordering a sign that looks great if in a few years it begins to fade, crack, stain, rust or show its age (unless that's the look you were going for).

fusioncast technology

Just too hard to ignore

FusionCast uses a Patented technology that fuses metal with high density urethane — the same stuff used in the space industry. The result is a strong durable product with exceptional environmental properties including:

  • Extra toughness and durability
  • Very high load bearing capacity
  • Exceptional impact resistance
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Oil, solvent, water and ozone resistance
  • Non-marking and impervious to stains
  • Mould, mildew, fungus resistant
  • Flex fatigue resistant (won't warp)

Sign Making Technology that's patently different

FusionCast uses a Patented process that suspends bronze, copper or aluminum metal particles in high density urethane (HDU) at the molecular level. Most of the metal is at the front of the sign where it can be seen while the rest is a tough but light substrate. The result is the perfect synthesis of form and function that guarantees long lasting resistance to the worst of outdoor elements including sun, cold, acid rain and physical abuse. All our signs come with 20 year warranty on the substrate and a 10 year warranty on the finish. For more information, contact us now.

fusioncast technology

Fore! Real world proof

FusionCast signs appear on over 70 of "Score Golf Top 100 Facilities". We earned that distinction by creating signs that had to perform outdoors each and every day no matter what the weather. Imagine the scorching effects of the summer sun or the ravages of wintery sleet, frost and sub-zero temperatures. And if that weren't enough, our signs have had to put up with errant sliced balls, wayward golf carts and the occasional wrath of an angry golfer. FusionCast technology has been put to the test on the top golf courses around the world. That's proven toughness and durability! And that's what we'll deliver on your project.

fusioncast technology


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