How We Save You "Dollar Signs"

fusioncast technology

Lighter Signs and Plaques: Less weight translates into savings

A solid metal sign weighs a lot! The bigger and thicker it is, the more it costs to manufacture, ship and store until it's finally mounted. By using less metal, a FusionCast sign is up to 40% lighter making it less expensive to make, handle and install.

fusioncast technology

Easier Installation: Who doesn't like straight forward and simple?

We've already mentioned the shipping and handling benefits of a lighter signage. Now consider the extra cost of installing a very heavy sign. You may need to reinforce a wall, require special mounting brackets or in some cases, involve the services of an engineer. FusionCast presents a lighter alternative. Many of our plaques can be hung on a wall like a picture frame. "Easy" not only saves time, but money as well.

fusioncast technology

Theft: Not something you count on but what if?

We've all heard stories about metal being stolen for its scrap value. Bronze can fetch as much as $3 a pound making it an easy target for unscrupulous "recyclers". If this happens to a FusionCast sign, unsuspecting thieves will get a big surprise at the scales. But the replacement cost of a sign can also be looked at another way. Imagine being able to make less expensive duplicates of a commemorative plaque, achievement award or other recognition piece as a gift or display copy. Only FusionCast can make this an affordable option.

fusioncast technology

Environment: Saving money can also help save the planet

Okay, while this one won't put money directly into your pocket, it will make you feel good about playing a role saving the earth's precious resources. FusionCast uses less metal, less energy and eliminates virtually all toxic emissions in its composite metal process. Additionally, we are able to recycle 95% of the moulds used in our casting process. That's not only good for the planet but for our customers as well.

fusioncast technology


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