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Metal golf plaques are a way of recognizing the achievements of others — whether player or member. We've created everything from hole-in-one plaques to an acknowledgements of people who's actions have epitomized the spirit of the game. FusionCast can create custom plaques bearing an individual's name, event, club branding and any other pertinent information for presentation purposes. Often times, our clients put in an order for duplicate copies: one for the recipient and one to go on the club wall. It's a nice way to acknowledge a win or significant achievement over the year until the next tournament.

The process can start with a rough concept, perhaps your club's logo with some golf imagery. Or it can include a photograph that our designers can transform into a 3D relief. The end result is a quality metal achievement plaque done in any metal, texture and color. Best of all, since our patent-pending process uses less metal than traditional bronze, aluminum and copper plaques, we can pass on the savings to you.

Here are some of the many golf award uses you can consider:

• Hole in one award
• Tournament winner
• Club Presidents
• Sponsor recognition--a special thank you
• Lifetime achievement
• Charity involvement and fund raising
• Heritage plaque acknowledging building or site

Why choose FusionCast Achievement Plaques and Awards? Golf courses around the world have used our technology with their promotion and achievement programs. Our approach can be summarized in this way:

• Customer service-oriented staff
• On-site designers and consultants ready to lend a hand
• Technology that produces lightweight yet durable products
• Cost savings allow for multiple copies or more achievement plaques
• Work is backed with guarantees
• Environmental process helps save the planet

So the next time you need to promote your club or event with plaques that recognize individual achievement, give FusionCast a call!

Custom Golf Plaques

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