Hall of Fame Plaques

Hall of fame plaques are a great way to recognize players and their noteworthy achievements. They capture an outcome of an event that over time can read like a who's who of club champions. Given space limitations, a hall of fame can be done any number of ways. With a modest amount of room, consider a custom frame with club branding, event information, three dimensional lettering or images with name plates that can be appended very year. With more room comes more design opportunities including personalized plaques featuring a likeness of the individual, their score along with club and event branding.

This is all made possible by FusionCast's Patented process which combines metal with high density urethane (HDU). The look and feel of the award is identical to a traditionally made metal plaque but is substantially lighter. This makes handling and mounting much more simple. Additionally, less metal means less cost — savings that we pass on to you. Alternatively, you can take the savings and order an extra copy of the plaque to keep in the club house as a continued reminder for all to see.

The process can start with a rough concept, perhaps your club's logo with some golf imagery. Or it can include a photograph that our designers can transform into a 3D drawing. The end result is a quality metal achievement plaque done in any metal, texture and color. Best of all, our patent-pending process uses less metal than traditional bronze, aluminum and copper plaques, which is how we save on money and weight.

Here are examples of how some of our clients have used our hall of fame plaques:

  • Tournament Champions
  • Hole-in-One Plaques
  • Lifetime achievement Awards
  • President Portraits

Why choose FusionCast Achievement Plaques and Awards?
Golf courses around the world have used our technology with their club promotional efforts. Our approach can be summarized by:

  • Customer service-oriented staff
  • On-site designers and consultants ready to lend a hand
  • Technology that produces lightweight yet durable products
  • Cost savings allow for multiple copies or more achievement plaques
  • Work is backed with guarantees
  • Environmental process helps save the planet

So the next time you need to promote your club or event with plaques that recognize individual achievement, give FusionCast a call!

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