Memorial Signs

At FusionCast, we make memories last a lifetime. When recognizing a unique event or a special person's achievements, we can create a customized plaque that can capture great detail and really stand out. Our patented technology will result in memorials that will not only save you money but stand the test of time.

recognition plaques


We offer bronze, aluminum and copper plaques to create a memorial plaque that will last a long time against all types of weathering. Our designs can be traditional or more creative to suit the occasion.

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religious plaques


From Stations of the Cross, to way-finding signage, to dedication plaques, FusionCast's unique properties are ideal for churches, synogogues and other religious buildings. Our ability to customize to the needs of the customer is what make us stand out.

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life markers

Life Markers

FusionCast's patented cold casting technology and customizable process is ideal for creating personal recognition plaques for military, public figures, family, sports legends and more...

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wayfinding signage


When directional signage needs to convey prestige, elegance or sophistication, a FusionCast sign delivers. Funeral homes, private clubs, hotels, cemetaries are just some of the applications.

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