FusionCast™ Features (Bas Relief Sculpting) can be fully customized more economically than by traditional methods. FusionCast has a variety of saints in its library. Features can be scaled without extra set up charge from 6” to 68” in height. As FusionCast™ is much lighter than traditional bronze, features are easier to install.

Tremendous detail can be achieved resulting in impressive features in FusionCast™ bronze, copper, or aluminum. Ideal for mausoleums and churches. Our process creates a detailed feature that is lighter than traditional bronze so mounting to interior walls is much easier.

Why Choose FusionCast™?

  • Reduced Weight: Our FusionCast™ process creates signage that is lighter than traditional metal signage giving you flexibility in your options for mounting the signage.
  • Reduced Price: Our FusionCast™ directs the metal in the signage to the surface leaving the high density urethane on the bottom giving you metal where you want it. This reduction in the overall use of metal in the signage reduces the cost of the signage but also the cost of shipping the signage since it is much lighter.
  • Endless Possibilities: Our FusionCast™ process can replicate any texture or image and incorporate any combinations of colors.

Bronze Signs

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