Sign and Plaque Stories that Made the News

Silvercreek Park Rejuvenation Project

August 31, 2016


Toronto - The Silvercreek Park Rejuvenation is just one of many projects FusionCast has been privileged and proud to be involved in with our local community. We are thrilled to be able to put the finishing touch on an outstanding project that helped perform a 'facelift' on a local park in Toronto to give a place for the children of the community to enjoy

Walgreens Architectural Detail

August 31, 2016


Atlanta - There is a reason why 'Versatility' is one of the 5 pillars of FusionCast technology - and this job we did for a Walgreens on the iconic Peachtree intersection in Atlanta is a perfect example of this. We created a custom cast, multi-leveled decorative trim for our client. More cost effective than full metal, and certainly more durable than wood or plastic. FusionCast stepped it up both creatively and technically to deliver an out of the box solution!

Notre Dame Custom Plaque

August 24, 2016


Notre Dame - We don't shy away from being unique, in fact, we encourage it! This plaque project was no exception, and perfect timing with College Football season just around the corner. The royal blue finish and custom textured leatherette background are truly unique on this Notre Dame football recognition plaque - just one of many reasons why FusionCast is your first call for your next signage initiative!

Germania Mutual Insurance Corporate Signage

August 1, 2016


Ayton - #TBT to a very unique project we did for Germania Mutual Insurance. What made this project so unique? If you look closely, you will see a custom brick background texture and a one-of-a-kind pewter hand-rub. For any of your unique signage needs, we have you covered - see what we can do for you today!

YMCA Toronto: Project of the Month

May 25, 2016


Toronto - Congratulations to Signarama Toronto on winning the FusionCast #ProjectOfTheMonth for April 2016! It was certainly a pleasure to work with their team, and a privilege to be a part of this great sign project for the YWCA Toronto. See how FusionCast can make a big impact on your next project today!

Go Big or Go Home?

May 25, 2016


Los Angeles - The phrase "the bigger the better" doesn't always apply. Often times it is the subtle, niche pieces that make the biggest impact - just like this unique 'puppy' themed mailbox plaque we did for a customer in Los Angeles! Even small projects mean a lot to us! So give us a call with your next sign or plaque idea.

That's Some Curb Appeal!

May 9, 2016


Undisclosed Location - This customer certainly did go BIG with his address sign! You know you've arrived when you're greeted by a boulder and equally impactful sign. When needed, FusionCast can work in large scale and deliver big, very big. So if your home or cottage needs to make a bold statement, give us a call.

Historic Occasion for the University of Illinois

April 29, 2016


Urbana–Champaign - A stunningly unique colonial mounted sign for the University of Illinois is sure to turn some heads on the campus! The custom leatherette texturing and the finite photo relief image seen here is just scratching the surface of what we can accomplish, contact us today and challenge us with your next project!

Fusioncast Goes Green(er)

November 28, 2013

FusionCast is proud to announce that all of our bronze plaques and signs are manufactured using up to 100% reclaimed metal. Not only does reclaimed metal consume less energy than the traditional process of mining and smelting raw materials, but our cold casting process does not create any harmful emissions. We also recycle 95% of our mold material, demonstrating dedication to our green story from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process.

FusionCast’s continues to strive to produce the highest quality, engineered metal cast products, in the most environmentally friendly and cost effective way possible.

Our patented process blends ionized metal with an HDU (high density urethane) backing to create long lasting and affordable signage that is well suited for a variety of applications.

About FusionCast Inc.
FusionCast Inc. is a privately held corporation that is based in Cambridge, ON, Canada. They manufacture Cold Cast Plaques, Signs, and Dimensional Letters for the Architecture, Memorial and Golf Business’.  Already a market leader in the Golf Segment, FusionCast is now positioned to be a serious player in the North American Architecture and Memorial Plaque and Sign Segments.

To learn more about FusionCast and their capabilities, contact their Head Office at 1-877-858-0558, you can also visit their website at to learn more about how their diverse product offerings can serve your needs.

FusionCast Inc. Manufacturers of high end, custom, metal signage release sustainability report – PRESS RELEASE

Prescott Heritage Committee Hosts Unveiling and Dedication of Historic Plaque at Sandy Hill Cemetery Saturday

September 18, 2013


Prescott - Prescott Heritage Committee Chair Suzanne Dodge began by welcoming the group that had assembled on a chilly morning for the unveiling and dedication of a historic plaque commemorating the history of the Sandy Hill Cemetery before turning the festivities over to Fraser Laschinger, Chair of the Sandy Hill Cemetery Board who shared the background of this important piece of Prescott heritage.


Fusioncast Inc. Patent Issued – Revolutionary Process

August 18, 2013

OAKVILLE, CANADA FusionCast Inc. has been granted a USA Patent for their revolutionary and proprietary cold casting process. FusionCasts’ Cold Casting Process is a new and environmentally friendly method to manufacture beautiful, long lasting, high quality plaques and signs.

FusionCast Inc.’s Cold Casting Process fuses, at the molecular level, ionized metal with high density urethane. The finished plaques and signs are over 50% lighter than traditional cast plaques. They are easier to mount, less expensive to ship and offer a better value than traditional cast plaques.

About FusionCast Inc.
FusionCast Inc. is a privately held corporation that is based in Oakville, ON, Canada. They manufacture Cold Cast Plaques and Signs for the Architecture, Memorial and Golf Business’. Already a market leader in the Golf Segment, FusionCast is now positioned to be a serious player in the North American Architecture and Memorial Plaque and Sign Segments.

To learn more about FusionCast and their capabilities, contact their Head Office at 877-858-0558. Also visit their website at

This unique golf partnership a 'sign' of times

Appearing in Mississauga Business Times

The business world gets noisier by the day. The influx of new products, new technology, new marketing strategies, and social media, makes it near impossible for a new company to make itself heard – even if the company has a fantastic product to offer.

Golf Partnership

That was the dilemma facing FusionCast, a premium sign making company located on the Mississauga-Oakville border.

The firm’s technology was unique, even a game-changer in the golf industry. By making signs with the look and feel of metal, but a whole lot cheaper, with more flexibility for the customer, it looked to have a bright future.

But it’s hard to make yourself heard in a tradition-bound industry.

FusionCast owner Randy Pilon realized rather quickly that he needed to install a business plan that had both breadth, and an ability to push his product into the huge U.S. market. He couldn’t afford to hire a large sales team, so he began to look for alternatives. He needed a partner that was already making big noise in the golf industry. He didn’t have to look too far. Mississauga’s Golf Supply House (GSH) is a Company on the ascendency, supplying the industry with everything from bag tags to pencils, netting to umbrellas, and range ball baskets and bags, etc. etc.

It’s literally located just up the road from FusionCast and led by Paul Cheerie, a ormer executive with companies like General Mills.

Cheerie was the dynamo that turned this moribund supplier into an industry powerhouse during the depths of the recent recession. With offices in Calgary and headquarters in Mississauga, Was Cheerie like Alexander the Great once the latter had finally conquered what was then the known world. With no new worlds to conquer, Alexander sat down and sulked. Not Cheerie. He got busy and bought Eagle One, another moribund golf supply house that sold the same kind of goods across the United States. Located in southern California, its facility, its business plan, and its sales force were tired and in need of an infusion of energy.


FusionCast Grand Opening

Appearing in Snap Oakville

We are a manufacturer of high end golf course and architectural signage using a new revolutionary cold casting processes. We are relocating to Oakville, Ontario after 6 years in Mississauga. We are excited about our new start in our new Town and happy to be a part of the Oakville Community.

Our revolutionary, proprietary and Patented cold casting process fuses, at the molecular level, ionized metal with high density urethane creating a unique and highly adaptable end product. With this unique FusionCast product we produce prestigious, high perceived value signage, memorialisation, and plaques indistinguishable from those made by traditional casting methods. Our process positions the metal to the front of the product where it will be seen while creating a foundation that does not compromise strength, durability or prestige. The Fusioncast product is completely customizable and our design capabilities are limited only by the imagination.

The Fusioncast process is completely vertical, in that we own and control all facets of the process from client inquiry through to delivery of the finished product, including ideation, graphic design, mold making, mold cutting, casting and curing, and painting and finishing. Our entire process supports environmental sustainability in that we do not create or emit pollutants, we use environmentally friendly raw materials, including paints and our mold making system is ninety percent reusable. FusionCast is green.

FusionCast- The leader in composite metal casting technology.

Open House for FusionCast

Appearing in Snap Oakville

Our company is called FusionCast and we manufacture high end golf course and architectural signage using a new cold casting technology which we have a patent on. It is a composite metal technology that is environmentally friendly and has many of the advantages that traditional metals have but cost less and not as harmful to the environment.

Our Grand Opening is for our partners, customers, suppliers and neighbours to get aquainted with our team and also take a guided tour of our new state of the art production facility. Please join us for a toast, some hor d'oeuvres or just drop by fora quick cup of coffee.

We would like you to help us celebrate our fresh new start in the Town of Oakville.

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