Versatile Metal Signs and Plaques

Endless Possibilities. (If you can imagine it, we can create it!)

Traditionally, metal sign manufacturers offered few casting options. Without getting too technical, it was expensive to create a cast. Being unoriginal was less expensive. So people would order standard designs and shapes.

saving money

With FusionCast, your options aren't set in stone — or bronze, copper or aluminum. Our team of technical and creative experts work with you to accommodate the needs your unique metal sign project. We can replicate any texture, colour or dimension in any shape or size.

When people need a sign for their cottage, small business, golf course or historical building, FusionCast is the right choice. Memorial plaques, address signs, channel lettering, wayfinding signs, achievement awards and golf markers are just some of the many examples where our technology delivers the perfect solution!

saving money

Less Weight Means More Mounting Options.

FusionCast signs display all the substance and durability of a traditional foundry sign without the weight or cost. Our signs are not only lighter on the pocket but also lighter to ship and handle. But the real convenience and savings come from mounting and installation whether it's a post, wall or some other substrate.

saving money

So design however you want your sign to look, and enjoy greater choice regarding where to place it. That's FusionCast versatility! Explore our web site and view a wealth of FusionCast examples in our gallery organized by category: Architecture, Golf, Memorial, Home & Cottage.


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