Washroom Signs

Your business is our business — excuse the pun. Seriously though, we know you can go to your local hardware store or big box retailer and pick up a plasticized washroom sign. It'll cost you a few bucks and it will do the job. But for more prestigious locations, a generic sign may not be the best option.

FusionCast can create customized washroom and directional signage that's in keeping with the look and feel of the establishment, whether that's a golf club, hotel, restaurant, government building, office or other application. Our Patented process can create custom designed signs that can incorporate your branding theme, logos, colours, texture and metal. Given washrooms tend to be high traffic areas, you can rest assured that a FusionCast sign is durable and impervious to scratching, stains, mildew, etc. Our signs can also employ texture making them ideal for ADA Accessibility Guidelines.

We can work from your specifications or have our in-house art department come up with some creative recommendations. Then our Patented process combines metal with high density urethane (HDU) to create strong strong signs that use less metal. They look and feel like solid metal signs but are significantly lighter making them easier to ship, handle and install. Bets of all, less metal means less cost which keeps our signs inexpensive compared to traditional cast metal signs.

If you're in the need for custom washroom signs or any other branded signage including directional and wayfinding, give FusionCast a call.

Washroom Signage

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